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Therapeutic Massage/Day Spa/Wellness Center, Inc.


At A Relaxed You Therapeutic Massage/Day  Spa/Wellness Center, Inc., we offer Chicago, IL a wonderful  array of beauty and health products and services. We promise to keep you feeling healthy while we emerge your body in pampering bliss.  


We believe in obtaining good health by relaxing the body through mental rejuvenation, something we always promote. By caring about yourself, you can turn your personal health goals into a reality.  


If you are interested in visiting us for one of our sessions or simply want to know more about what we offer, give us a call today.  


Due to the growth of our location, we have the following Spa  Positions available: Receptionist, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Nail  Tech. We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals.  If you are interested please stop in to fill out an application.  


11121 S. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL 60655 (773) 239-5300





A Relaxed You by Katherine Vrana - 10/22/2009

I have visited both locations and have been equally impressed by  the level of service and products provided by A Relaxed You. I am a firm  believer that everyone should take care of themselves and A Relaxed You  is a great place to do just that. I was particularly impressed by the  professional way I was treated and how important sanitation is at A  Relaxed You. I highly recommend them!


Lisa O. Evergreen Park, IL - 5/11/2011

I love it here.   The massages are always great and I always feel  relaxed and content afterwards.  My husband also goes here and we both  are extremely happy.   I also recently had my brows waxed here and was  thrilled with that as well.


Nicolina M. Chicago, IL - 5/18/2011

I have only been here once so far, but will definitely be back. I  am originally from the north side and had been going to the same girl  for my waxing services forever!!! It's been a journey here down south!  Until I found Jillian...She is very good, I worked in the spa industry  for years, so I have high expectations...and she met them, very fast,  very clean, very professional, yet was able to talk to me during my  session. Also, the prices were great!


Massage and Body Work Treatment

1 Hour Massage - This 60 minute treatment

is designed for total relaxation. Your circulation and energy level will increase as  your muscles relax and loosen. The neck, back, low back, legs, feet,  arms, hands, scalp, and face will be worked on throughout this session. If you prefer the full hour to be spent on a specific problem area like  the back, just let your therapist know.


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Skin Care Treatments and Waxing

Express Facial - This 30 minute treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, a customized masque, toning, and moisturizing for people on the go.


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Nail Treatment

Classic Pedicure - This treatment includes soaking  your feet in a relaxing foot bath, cuticle grooming, cutting, filing,  and buffing the nails. Calluses and dry skin will be removed following  by a relaxing foot massage and polish application


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